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pictureRichard Jordan, M.Div.
Christian Counselor.

A non-denominational author and minister
of the WORD of God.
NOT interdenominational.
NOT accepting all beliefs.
Bible centered.
Accepting Jesus Christ as GOD.


How would you like to completely change your life? Or maybe just change a few things and make your life better? I will give you the answers for free. Don't believe me? Just click through and keep an open mind it is very simple and anyone can do it. It can also be difficult because your worst enemy is YOU.

I want to Change My Life !


IF you could live your life over again, what is the one thing that you would like to change? What is on your mind more often than it should be? Can you sleep deeply and with peace every night? What should you really have done? What could you really have done? And what could you really have done; even if you were given the chance to live your life over?

I want to change My Future !


Power and Love. Almost everyone wants to be loved and recognized as a person. A somebody. You do not need to be important but you need to exist. Everyone needs to be loved. From the mentally disabled to the super genius, everyone needs to be loved. People in solitary confinement "adopt" insects as pets to try to get this connection.

I want Change !

I am not falling for that. They just want to SELL me something.

Actually I am just like you. I hate (yes hate) those "ear ticklers" who are always trying to sell you (and me) something.

Do I have books for sale? YES. And I hope you purchase one. Am I getting rich off of this website? No. I make money from book sales. If you would like to contribute to this ministry we are not a 401K and your contribution although greatly appreciated, will most likely not be a tax deduction. Why do we do this? Because I am operating with hard earned knowledge that cost more than I would ever want you to have to pay and I found out the answers are very simple and free.